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The professionals at AIO Metaverse play an important role in DeFi token development in Malaysia. We provide tailored solutions for developing and delivering DeFi staking software that has a positive impact on your brand.

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Revolutionizing the Traditional Borrowing and Lending Paradigm

DeFi Staking

In the vast land of the Metaverse, DeFi Staking has quickly become one of the most popular themes in the DeFi Market. This method of staking allows cryptocurrency investors to earn passive income by staking their coins, leading to wealth creation, which is one of AIO Metaverse’s crucial goals as a DeFi developer to ensure our client receives the expected positive results on their businesses.

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DeFi staking is a practice that allows a user of a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platform to earn money by acting as a transaction validator. That being said, it is a type of staking that secures a profitable future.

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DeFi Staking Platforms

Staking has traditionally been regarded as a mechanism of authorizing transactions and adding a new block to the blockchain while also being reimbursed for doing so. AIO Metaverse, as a DeFi developer, offers a number of services for DeFi which you can choose from and discuss with us for the next appropriate step to take for your blooming business.

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Ways to Reward Users

As the owner of a DeFi staking platform, you have the option of selecting the mechanism that will reward your customers for staking their assets on your platform. AIO Metaverse can aid in adding on the rewarding features for your consumers to receive something in return after giving their time to your staking platform.


Users are rewarded for certifying the blockchain where the users’ validation tasks are proportionate to their assets. More validation assignments are assigned to users who own or stake more assets, resulting in higher compensation.


Users are rewarded for locking their assets on your platform for a defined period of time in this activity. The rewards are determined based on the locked assets; larger locked assets result in higher payouts, which are instantly delivered to the users’ wallets.


It incorporates the participation of a large-capital fund manager. The platform’s profits are reinvested, and dividends are dispersed evenly among the users. The fund manager gets compensated for his expertise as well as his services.

Our Process

How does our staking platform development Work.

Throughout its entire existence as one of the most fruitful methods in the land of the metaverse, DeFi has always been demonstrated from its birth until the present as the most powerful and potent of luxurious triumph in many businesses to name, with the potential of blockchain technology in banking.


We work hands-on with our clients to comprehend their needs and contextualize blockchain for their business.


We implement a crypto wallet solution and authorize updates and changes.


We help our clients prepare for the market disruption as a result of a successful decentralized crypto wallet launch.


We design and architect a crypto wallet, leveraging our rich domain knowledge and breadth of expertise.

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As one of the most reputed blockchain development companies in the world, AIO Metarverse holds exceptional experience in building scalable trading platforms.

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